Business Negotiations Management Training

Infrastructure Construction Companies’ Association and International Sales Institute are inviting you on business negations management training. Managing sales and negations process is a very difficult and complex course, thus it is almost impossible to achieve specific and long-term results without a right strategy. Sometimes we get results, but they are nonstable and therefore we have to constantly deal with them, and in most cases they have only temporary effect. The main benefit of this training are specific strategies and techniques that are adapted not only worldwide but for the Georgian reality and bring precise and measurable results in practice. 

After the training you will be able to design a sales strategy customized for your company, to successfully finalize negotiations and sales process, and to effectively manage a sales team. Therefore, your sales will grow more steadily and each new challenge will be less stressful. Most importantly, you will be able to manage your sales team more effectively focus on their long-term development plans. 

The training is designed for those who directly manage sales team, corporate sales and complex negotiations that in most cases are focused on long-term results and require lots of time and energy in order to achieve the final outcome. Training benefits: The program has been elaborated based on specific practical cases, internationally recognized materials and is customized and practical for Georgian market. 

The program is comprised of three main blocks: planning, executing and analyzing. The program includes a basic theoretical introduction with practical tools that are important for elaborating sales strategy, finding right clients and leading complex negations. 


Davit Chikvaidze, Founder of International Sales Institute, for more information visit – LinkedIn link

Participants will be awarded with training certificates. If interested, please confirm your participation by filling in the following form no later than November 25: November 27, 29, December 3, 5, 10, 13, 2019, 16:00–20:00 (18 contact hours). Address: 13b Ljubljana Street, Conference Hall of Infrastructure Construction Companies’ Association  Training price: The course price is GEL 650; Infrastructure Construction Companies’ Association will cover 55% of training price for its members.