Nova company was founded in 2006.
Initially, the company’s main activity was importing building materials for sale.
In 2011 the company started to develop various directions in manufacturing building materials. As of today, building materials company Nova is a manufacturer of more than 100 types of polyethylene water tanks, more than 30 types of roofing materials and accessories, more than 40 types of gypsum cardboard, metal-plastic profiles and accessories. Nova is an official dealer of the famous brands in Georgia, such as IZOCAM, BETEK, RIGIPS, YEPSA, TEMPO, INGCO, TERMOBOR and others. It owns two showrooms in Tbilisi and Batumi. In 2011 Nova started to manufacture roofing materials according to their colour, size and shape. In 2012 the company has started production of gypsum-cardboard profiles and accessories. At the same time Nova launched its Batumi branch. In 2013 Nova was granted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System International Certificate. In 2014 a showroom and polyethylene water tank production site were opened at Nova’s Batumi branch. In the same year the company started production of painting and plastering angle bars and exporting them to Armenia. Int 2015-2016 Nova started production of roofing materials and gypsum-cardboard profiles at its new branch in Batumi. In November 2016 a new showroom was opened at Nova’s Tbilisi branch. In 2017 Nova started manufacturing European standard profiles of the gypsum-cardboard and metal-tile at its Batumi branch. Also the company widened its line of water tank manufacturing and is currently producing open type water tanks, in accordance with the market requirements In September 2017 the company introduced a renewed standard of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System International Certificate.

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