Services offered by the ICCA

Legal Support:

• Consulting services in Civil, Administrative, and Labor Law;

• Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements;

• Representation at the court in civil and administrative lawsuits (legal analysis of the matter concerned, preparation of counter-claim and full support throughout the legal proceedings);

• Legal support in state procurements (analysis of tender terms and conditions, full involvement in the whole process starting with the preparation of relevant documentation, appeal of actions and/or decrees of the procurer, as needed, stemming from the procurement process and legal representation in Dispute Council).

Trainings, Seminars, Workshops:

• Organizing various trainings, seminars, and workshops in collaboration with partner organizations with the view to raise the qualification of the persons employed in construction industry, in consideration of the interests and needs of the ICCA members;

• Promoting construction-related professions and organizing relevant events for the purpose of improving the quality of education in this sector.

PR/Marketing Support for Member Companies:

• Planning/implementing various marketing and other activities and events in consideration of interests and needs of the ICCA member companies;

• Keeping the ICCA website and social network pages constantly updated about the news regarding the member companies.

HR Support for the ICCA Member Companies:

• Organizing contests and presenting relevant candidates to the ICCA member companies upon request;

• Selecting and screening relevant students/alumni of higher educational and professional institutions, and submitting their portfolios to the ICCA member companies.

Exclusive Offers:

• Holding negotiations with various service/product providers, handling relevant selection process/contest, and concluding contracts upon the decision supported by the majority of members with the view to offering exclusive terms and conditions for available services/products to the ICCA member companies