TBC Leasing

JSC TBC Leasing was founded in 2003. By 2019, the number of its clients exceeded 2,500 throughout Georgia and the company had signed more than 5,000 contracts.

The company is now the leader on the market with 70% share and manages 251,000,000 GEL portfolio.
JSC TBC Leasing provides financing for the companies from working in following areas:
• Construction
• Development
• Road construction
• Medicine
• Service
• Industrial
• Agriculture
• Production, trade
• Natural resources
• Renewable energy
• Technologies, media and telecommunication
The company constantly develops partnerships with both local and international suppliers, and as of today the it is among the partners of international companies such as BSTDB, EBRD, RESPONSABILITY, SYMBIOTICS, MICROVEST, TRIPLE JUMP, etc.

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