Manufacturer of construction materials and representative of international companies in Georgia – GRC was founded in 2003. GRC Ltd’s main business profile is: roofing materials: galvanized steel, profiled tiles, corrugated tiles, flat tiles, monopanel – insulated roof, shingle, flat roofing, seamless membranes and etc. • Energy-efficient construction materials: expanded polystyrene sandwich panels, mineral wool sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels• Corrugation and isolation materials: incombustible EPS, XPS, mineral wool, rock wool, diffusional, drainage and synthetic membranes, • Structural steel: box culvert, round culvert, angle bar, sheet steel, H-beam, channel iron• Construction chemicals: concrete admixtures, liquid floors, liquid waterproofing, flux, injection materials, waterproofing and repair materials for pools and foundations.• Plasterboard: Plasterboard tiles, fine finishing plaster, UD, CD, UW, CW, rails• Accessories: bolts, drainage systems, sealant tapes and so on.  Company’s main priorities are – to establish high standards in the market and to encourage fair competition and creation of a group of loyal customers, that provides for the company’s success. 

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