Lab of construction

Lab of Construction was founded in 2012. The company has implemented hundreds of projects in different directions, including:
Road construction/rehabilitation, bridge rehabilitation, garden/square construction, asphalt concrete works, construction/repair, rehabilitation and reconstruction works. Also, metal construction and sandwich panel installations, insulation and ventilation works.
Lab of Construction successfully carries out the works related to the construction of concrete floors, repair-reconstruction, stone facing, factory construction and pavement. Among the completed project, the ones worth mentioning would be the construction of 2-tier parking space for Sheraton Hotel, arrangement of exterior infrastructure for Radisson Collection Hotel, repair and reconstruction works for Kvareli Lake Resort and the Ministry of Agriculture (GIZ), stone-facing of Vake Park fountains, asphalt concrete works carried out on the bridge of hydro power plant and main highway in Khulo District, Baratashvili Bridge rehabilitation, cobble stone paving of the Rike Park and the construction of the stone square.
This multi-profile construction company actively cooperates with all types of customers – whether from private or government sector.

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